CEIT Research and knowledge transfer

Research and knowledge transfer

The CEIT will bring together and offer support to researchers and research teams interested in the study of the Ibero-American and transatlantic space from a disciplinary or multidisciplinary perspective, but with a clear interdisciplinary and transversal vocation. The CEIT aims to promote research using this approach, thus creating its own space of knowledge, and providing a panoramic view of reality that helps us to understand better and in greater depth the relations and exchanges that take place in this area.

Main research activities of the CEIT

  • Observatory of Ibero-American and Transatlantic News
  • Infoparticip@ project
  • International Inter-university Institute for Children
  • Support for research groups
  • AMZET postdoctoral research stays
  • AMZET Research Awards
  • Research groups linked to the CEIT