Own Qualifications
University of Málaga

2019/2020 Academic year

The University of Málaga’s own qualifications give students the chance to develop or improve professional skills and qualifications. The specialised training on offer allows students to face the challenges of a competitive business sector and the demands of the job market.

Students can choose from a range of different course types: university extension courses, university expert courses, and own Master’s degrees.

Following the Chancellor’s resolution of 14 October 2019 and the resolution of 14 October 2019, the Project Management Department of the General Foundation of the University of Málaga (FGUMA) will carry out the logistical management of the University of Málaga’s own qualifications, which are listed below:

In progress/Finalised

Own QualificationsStartFinish
IV Own Master’s Degree in Educational Innovation and Knowledge Management (81414513001-3)11/11/201919/07/2020
XI University Extension Course on Software Applications for the Management of Offices and Employment Consultants. A3-Nóminas (81592312001-4)11/11/201909/12/2019
I Own Master’s Degree in Child Clinical Neuropsychology (81464551001-1)15/11/201930/09/2020
VI University Extension Course on Data Protection in Human Resources Management (81520614001-1)16/11/201917/12/2019
II University Extension Course on New Pedagogies for a New Education (81501613001-4)18/11/201929/11/2019
X University Extension Course on Preparing Presentations with OpenOffice Impress (81595513001-2)18/11/201906/12/2019
XI University Extension Course on the Possibilities of Web 2.0 Applications (81597513001-4)18/11/201906/12/2019
XI University Extension Course on Image Creation and Retouching with Free Software (81598513001-5)18/11/201906/12/2019
VIII University Extension Course on Social Media and Online Marketing (81532315001-4)25/11/201916/12/2019
VIII University Extension Course: Genograms and Ecomaps in Social Intervention (81532538001-5)25/11/201919/12/2019
I Own Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Medicine (81406534001-2)10/01/202017/10/2020
X University Extension Course on the Basic Use of OpenOffice Writer Word Processor (81594513001-1)13/01/202031/01/2020
X University Extension Course on the Possibilities of OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheets (81596513001-3)13/01/202031/01/2020
XI University Extension Course on Online Collaborative Work Tools. Wikis (81599513001-3)13/01/202031/01/2020
IV University Expert Course on Child Clinical Neuropsychology (81463551001-0)13/02/202019/06/2020
III University Expert Course on Therapeutic Exercise and Functional Rehabilitation in Physiotherapy (81400814001-3)14/02/202009/06/2020
I University Extension Course on Programming for Engineering. Concepts, Techniques, and Tools (81549547001-6)06/03/202028/03/2020
VI University Extension Course on the Self-Publishing Tool: Adobe InDesign (81520583001-4)07/03/202002/05/2020
III University Extension Course on Parametric Design Using Grasshopper 3D (Rhinoceros Visual Programming Plugin) (81519583001-3)15/04/202013/05/2020


See the regulations below on the management procedures for this activity, approved by the FGUMA. These regulations must be followed by the academic managers of the own qualifications:

Procedure for the logistical management of own qualifications through the FGUMA


Cecilia Pérez Pérez

Jaime Belmonte Castro
Raquel Orozco Sturla
Natalia Rozas Castillo

Email: titulospropios@fguma.es
Tel.: (+34) 951 952 643 / (+34) 951 952 645

Own Qualifications 2018/2019 (finalised)
I Own Master’s Degree in Child Protection and Juvenile Justice 2017/2018 (finalised)