LANGUAGESLevel tests

FGUMA Language Centre level tests

To start a course for the first time you must take a level test. You do not need to take a level test to start a beginner’s course (A1) or if you have passed the previous level at our Centre, or you have proof of an accredited level taken within the previous two years.

You can arrange to take a level test during the enrolment period in the Private Area section on the FGUMA website ‘Acceso Alumnos’.

The level test evaluates all four skills, unless you are enroling on a Conversation Workshop course. In this case, you only do the speaking evaluation part of the test. The test consists of multiple choice questions where only one option is correct, and a short written task on a chosen topic. You have 30 minutes for the test.

After the written part, there is a five-minute speaking test with a native teacher from the Centre.

If no appointment times are available on the FGUMA website application, please contact the Language Centre by email at or call 951 952 659.

Level tests are taken at the Language Centre in Aulario Rosa de Gálvez (Teatinos).