RESEARCHCIMES – Molecular Imaging Unit

The Health and Medical Research Centre (CIMES), led by Professor of Oncology Emilio Alba, is at the forefront of biomedical research thanks to its state-of-the-art infrastructure. This includes seven scientific laboratories and four R&D units, among which the Molecular Imaging Unit stands out.

The Molecular Imaging Unit, one of the most comprehensive in Spain, is endowed with the most advanced high-resolution equipment. It consists of a cyclotron, a radiopharmacy laboratory with the capacity to synthesise not only FDG but also multiple radiopharmaceuticals used in applied research, as well as a PET-CT scanner for examinations in humans and a micro-PET scanner for experimental research. It also has a scanning system with ultra-high field nuclear magnetic resonance (3T-NMR), which enables high-quality structural examinations and functional studies of the central nervous system. If equipment endowment is important, even more so is our highly qualified specialist personnel. Our team is made up of specialists in radiopharmacy, nuclear medicine, radiology, and physics. In addition, bioinformatics professionals and technical support personnel also collaborate with the team.

Address: C/ Marqués de Beccaria, 3 (Campus de Teatinos), 29071, Málaga
Tel.: (+34) 952 137 406