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Partner Universities

University of South Florida (USF)

The University of South Florida (USF), Tampa (Florida, USA), is one of the largest North American public universities. It currently has a great impact on academic research worldwide.

Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez (Ana G. Méndez University System) (SUAGM) 

SUAGM is a private, non-profit higher education institution that has made a genuine commitment to the economic and social development of Puerto Rico. Its mission is to provide a diverse student population with the opportunities to acquire personal and professional skills through education, research, and community service so that they can become agents of change, lifelong learners, and collaborators who are responsible with regards globalisation and global sustainability.

Universidad Nacional de Misiones (National University of Misiones) (UNaM)

The Universidad Nacional de Misiones (UNaM) is an Argentinian public university located in the city of Posadas (Misiones, Argentina). Among its objectives is to promote the process of regional integration and internationalisation, participating in all initiatives that support the development of the region and the world.

Universidade de Lisboa (University of Lisbon) (UL)

The Universidade de Lisboa (UL) is one of the main universities in Portugal and one of the oldest in Europe. It was founded in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, in 1911. It is a public university that receives approximately 6,900 international students (about 14.5% of its total student population) from more than 100 different countries.

Universidad Nacional de Itapúa (National University of Itapúa) (UNI)

Founded in 1996, the Universidad Nacional de Itapúa (UNI) is an institution governed by public law, under autonomous management and with legal entity status. It has seven faculties, in addition to the Postgraduate School. Its main lines of research are linked to the areas of health, agriculture, livestock, legal sciences, economics, food technology, water, energy, education and development, biodiesel, concrete, hydraulics and electronics.

Universidad Autónoma de Encarnación (Autonomous University of Encarnación) (UNAE)

Founded in 2008, the Universidad Autónoma de Encarnación (UNAE) is a privately managed university institution offering quality higher education, which safeguards the rights of the individual and the community within the demands of truth and the common good.

Universidad del Salvador (University of Salvador) (USAL)

The Universidad del Salvador (USAL) is an Argentinian university founded by the Society of Jesus. The University follows humanistic and Christian concepts that encourage the training of public-spirited individuals who are open to dialogue between science and faith. USAL’s extensive educational offer combines its broad experience with advanced curricular approaches. These include the most up-to-date didactic-methodological concepts in teaching and in pre-professional practices.