Translation and Interpreting Service Spanish Sign Language

Spanish Sign Language (SSL) Interpreting Service

The Spanish Sign Language (SSL) Interpreting Service is part of FGUMA’s Translation and Interpreting Service. It was launched on 24 April 2019.

This service is a new tool that we have made available to the university community and to any entity that may need it as a means of breaking down barriers and contributing to the universal nature of education.

In today’s multicultural and technological society, diversity is an unavoidable fact. If we support the inclusion of diversity in our University—understood as synonymous with enrichment and plurality—and focus our efforts on integration and awareness, we will be advancing towards a higher education that contributes excellent professionals as well as educating a critical citizenry capable of carrying out just and fair models of coexistence.

Therefore, we have included this new service as a way of normalising the use of this language in all activities organised by the UMA.

An inclusive university is one that offers opportunities to different people and fights against inequality. It is a university that is convinced that, in addition to pursuing the best academic and professional training, excellence means supporting a humanising education based on equality, social justice, and solidarity.

In short, an inclusive university is a better university.



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