FGUMA Translation and Interpreting Service

Translation and Interpreting Service

The Translation and Interpreting Service is an essential tool that we make available to the university community with a two-fold objective. On the one hand, we seek to make a notable contribution to the internationalisation of our university and to make it accessible to all community members. On the other hand, we would like the UMA to position itself as an inclusive university in all aspects.

The role that public universities play in the political, social, and economic context undoubtedly depend on their ability to highlight the importance of the activity and research they carry out in a global context without language being an obstacle.

For this reason, we offer both sworn and unsworn translation services as well as interpreting services in foreign languages and in Spanish Sign Language (SSL). We have highly qualified professionals available to assist the university community in the following languages:

  • Translation (direct and inverse): English, French, Greek, Italian, German, Basque, Catalan, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Romanian, Czech, Dutch, and Japanese.
  • Sworn translation: German, French, English, and Polish
  • Interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, and bilateral): Arabic, English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Romanian
  • Proofreading: of the languages indicated above
  • Subtitling: of audiovisual productions
  • SSL Interpreting: at conferences, lectures, and congresses as well as all types of institutional activities