UMA Spin-off Awards

Each year, the General Foundation of the University of Málaga sponsors and collaborates with the Spin-Off Awards. The event is organised annually by the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the UMA, through the Business Cooperation and Employment Promotion Service. The goal is to promote the entrepreneurial activity of university students in Málaga and encourage the founding of innovative new companies. In each edition, the FGUMA awards a prize of €3,000 in the Teaching and Research Personnel (PDI)/Research Groups category.

Below are the prizes awarded by FGUMA in each edition:

Decentralized Security

Decentralized Security is a University of Málaga technology-based company which promotes and commercialises products stemming from research into applied cryptography solutions undertaken by the NICS Lab group within the Blockchain ecosystem.


The Allophone project is an initiative that aims to create an online tool to diagnose dyslexia in young children. It was presented by Miguel López Zamora.


The project consists of designing spaces for children following the concept of learning environments. Educational surroundings are created where children develop their abilities from different points of view.


The FUNGLAB project carries out diagnoses of plant diseases and monitors their resistance to fungicides and bactericides. In addition, it offers evaluations of plant protection products and disease-resistant plant varieties.

BIMoPOLIS, 3D Smart Solutions for the Smart City

The BIMÓPOLIS project develops content based on the latest surveying, 3D rendering, geolocation, and Virtual Reality technology to develop thematic mobile applications in tourist cities which aim to become a Smart City, like Málaga.


The purpose of the Soluzderm project is to provide solutions to the demand for services by the hospital and scientific dermatology sector as well as by companies in the photoprotection sector so that specific services can be provided where no specialised personnel or companies currently exist.

X-Ray Data Services

X-Ray Data Services offers services based on X-ray data. The services are adapted to the needs of clients in the industrial sector. XDS has ties with universities, research and/or technological centres, and more. It carries out a great degree of activity in regard to scientific-technological knowledge. It has highly qualified scientific personnel and uses innovation as a competitive advantage.


Nanom is focused on the production of a new molecular marker based on nanoparticles that can be used as a biological marker, as they can be incorporated into cells and make their components visible.


A company that develops serious games and the automatic generation of content for video games and entertainment software.  Serious games can cover fields as diverse as health, education, politics, economic management, and defense, among others.


SolSabio aims to prevent dermatological problems caused by solar radiation through the development of a smartphone app which estimates the recommended time each user should be exposed to sunlight.

Higia Systems

Within the ICTs applied to the healthcare sector, Higia Systems proposes remote monitoring of patients as a tool for diagnosing disease, describing its progress, and predicting possible complications.  The main objective is to improve patient care, allowing greater mobility and guaranteeing the security of the information obtained about their disease.


The goal of ECOPIBA is to establish a recycling plant for all types of batteries, accumulators, and used batteries. It is the first plant of this kind in Andalusia. The plant will be dedicated to the recycling of reusable products, such as metals from batteries and accumulators. Moreover, it will also treat toxic and dangerous fractions, making them safe for disposal.


This company is focused on developing solutions and computer tools for profiling driving with the aim of reducing the number of traffic accidents. Specifically, the company’s activity will focus on the development of software and hardware products that diagnose driving in a quantitative way, so drivers can be made aware of their faults and change their habits accordingly.

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