SEET 2024 Program


FEBRUARY 1, 2024

9:30 – 11:00
Parallel sessions 1


Salón de Grados Comercio y Gestión
The baking of preferences throughout high school

Diego Jorrat. Loyola Andalucía

Dissolving an ambiguous partnership

Joerg Oechssler. University of Heidelberg

Experiment on dilation property with focusing on integrated decision

Wada Ryoko. Keiai University

On the appeal of complexity

Roberto Hernán. Burgundy School of Business


Salón de Grados Gestión y Administración Pública
Social information and threshold in collective investment decisions: An experimental study

Cristina Martínez Gómez. Universidad de Jaén

Cooperation in the helping game: A comparison of scoring system

Andrea Marietta Leina. University of East Anglia

Autonomy or Delegation, Libertarianism or Paternalism: What I Like for Myself and What I Like for Others on Pension Savings

Carmen Sainz Villalba. Max Planck Institute

Rights, Duties, and Taboos: The Social Codex of Peer Punishment

Mo’ath Hussien. University of Konstanz

11:30 – 13:00
Parallel sessions 2


Salón de Grados Comercio y Gestión
Leniency programs and cartel (in)stability in the lab

Adriana Alventosa. Universidad de Valencia

Group Identity and Strategic Games in the Laboratory

Anna Bayona. ESADE Business School

Markets, social responsibility and identity

Miguel Abellán. Leuphana Uni Lüneburg

Is Trading Hazardous to Your Utility?

Tingyan Jia. University of Leicester


Salón de Grados Gestión y Administración Pública
Gender differences in task and performance

Lorenzo Ductor. University of Granada

Explaining the gender gap in university educational choice: Economic preferences and personality traits

Francisca Jiménez. University of Jaén

Can co-leadership positions break the glass ceiling?

Zahra Murad. Uni of Portsmouth, UK

Risk, Ambiguity, and the Gender Gap in Tournament Entry

Mürüvvet Büyükboyacı. Middle East Technical University

14:15 – 15:45
Parallel sessions 3


Salón de Grados Comercio y Gestión
Habitual Communication

Konstantinos Ioannidis. University of Cambridge

Is lying always condemnable? The effect of consequences on punishing dishonesty

Juan Francisco Blazquiz Pulido. IMT Lucca and Alicante

Context dependent malleability of norms

Hande Erkut. WZB Berlin Social Science Center

Pay taxes only if others do so? Experimental evidence on the role of social norms in tax evasion

Federico Atzori. University of Cagliari


Salón de Grados Gestión y Administración Pública
Reverse Bayesianism: Revising Beliefs in Light of Unforeseen Events

Andis Sofianos. Durham University

Motivated Forecasts: Evidence from the Presidential Elections in Argentina

Diego Marino Fages. Durham University

Misperceptions about non-selfish behaviors: An experiment

Nuria Rodríguez-Priego. Universidad Autónoma Madrid

The Trust Game: Salience, Beliefs, and Social History

Andre Hofmeyr. University of Cape Town

FEBRUARY 2, 2024

9:30 – 11:00
Parallel sessions 1


Salón de Grados Comercio y Gestión
Feedback-dependent Motivated Memory

Zhuokun Liu. Goethe University Frankfurt

How to Build Cathedrals? Using Mental Imagery to Foster Future-Mindedness in Long-Term Decision-Making

Regina Stumpf. University of Konstanz

Cognitive hierarchy and eye-tracking: An experimental study

Luis Camas. University of Alicante

Social Intelligence

Mónica Vasco. Universidad Loyola Andalucía


Salón de Grados Gestión y Administración Pública
Behavioural Regularities on Social Preferences

Francesco Bogliacino. University of Bergamo

Just Saying Sorry – The Effect of Apologies on Reintegration after Social Exclusion

Tarek Jaber Lopez. CSIC

The normative permissiveness of political partyism

Luis Miller. CSIC

Intertemporal Altruism and Migrant Generations: Does cultural Integration prevail on religiosity effects?

Yasmin Doghri. University of Rome la Sapienza

11:30 – 13:00
Parallel sessions 2


Salón de Grados Comercio y Gestión
Information-signaling in pre-trial bargaining: An experiment

Enya Turrini. Royal Holloway University

The Impact of Framing Effects on Incentivized Creative Performance

Lara Ezquerra Guerra. University o Balearic Islands

Gender identification and stake size effects in the Impunity Game

Mª Aurora García Gallego. Universidad Jaume I

The effect of internal and external audit on ethics: A cheating experiment with scratch lotteries

Guillermo Mateu. University of Valencia


Salón de Grados Gestión y Administración Pública
The Effect of Hard and Soft Skills on Sexual Behaviour

Ericka Rascon. CIDE and Middlesex U.

What motives increase blood donation? A field experiment with framing messages

Gabriele Ballicu. University of Cagliari

Impact of Advice on Behavior Change: Experimental Evidence from Children

Mert Gumren. University of Leicester

The effects of reminders on engagement and walking: Evidence from a large scale experiment

Sarah Zaccagni. Aarhus University

14:15 – 15:45
Parallel sessions 3


Salón de Grados Comercio y Gestión
SVO and Reciprocity in Environmental Dilemmas

Tatiana Celadin. Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Economic Institutions Statements May Facilitate Tacit Collusion

Fidel Petros. WZB Berlin and Berlin School of Economics

Green consumption and income inequality

Aldo Gutiérrez Mendieta. Tec de Monterrey

Risk of imminent collective failure alleviates but does not prevent the tragedy of the commons 

Ágnes Pintér. UAM


Salón de Grados Gestión y Administración Pública
Pay inequality, fairness perceptions, and work effort: Experimental evidence from China 

Valeria Galchenko. Universität Konstanz

Accidents, disasters and crises: The effect on citizen perceptions and preferences

Alina Velias. LSE, AUEB

Addressing climate change through institutional mechanisms to build better futures. An experiment in individual production choices and collective sustainable outcomes

Klaudijo Klaser. University of Trento

How does Renewable Energy affect life in Rural Communities? Evidence from a field experiment with Markov process in Honduras 

Mª del Pino Ramos Sosa. Universidad Loyola Andalucía

16:00 – 17:07
Parallel sessions 4


Salón de Grados Comercio y Gestión
Experimental results on the roommate problem

Elena Molis Bañales. Universidad de Granada

The Goods, the Bads, and the Well-Behaved

Antonio Filippin. Milán

Lab Square: Incubator for Collaborative and Transparent Economic Sciences

Levent Neyse. WZB; DIW Berlin


Salón de Grados Gestión y Administración Pública
Congestion management and navigation systems: a lab experiment on individual choices vs delegation 

Marco Persichina. University of Rome TOR Vergata

Bank Runs in Large Experimental Banks

Alfonso Rosa García. Universidad Murcia