X Research Awards

X Research Awards

The General Foundation of the University of Málaga has convened the X Research Awards. The awards aim to encourage young students at the University of Málaga who are at the start of their research careers. Awards are given for the most outstanding papers published in each of the fields listed in the rules.

The Awards are aimed at Teaching and Research Personnel (PDI) and those carrying out projects or with research contracts at the UMA.

Candidate requirements. To be eligible for the awards, candidates must meet the following requirements at the time their papers were published:
a. Candidates must be under age 40 at the time the paper was published.
b. Candidates must be a member of the Teaching and Research Personnel (PDI) or carrying out projects or with a research contract at the UMA.
Applications can only be submitted for one of the two categories listed in the rules.

Registration period: 17 October – 9 December. Registration can only be done ONLINE. The deadline for submitting documents has been extended until 7 January 2019.

Competition Rules

Deadline extension and details of requirements


See IX Edition Award winners


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