with Chema Alonso

We continue our 20th anniversary celebrations with the Dialogue project. After having previously touched on issues relevant to society as a whole, such as education and nutrition, the debate held on 21 April, 2017 focused on another current issue: cybersecurity. For this event, the speaker was Chema Alonso, hacker and Chief Data Officer (CDO) at Telefónica. He was interviewed by Susana Escudero, journalist at Canal Sur Radio. The event was held in the Assembly Hall of the Higher Technical Schools of Computer Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering.

Chema Alonso is currently the CDO at Telefónica. Previously, he was the founder and CEO of ElevenPaths, a subsidiary of Telefónica Digital that focuses on innovation in security products, and the General Director of Global Security Business in the B2B unit of Telefónica Business Solutions. Before this, he spent 14 years working at and managing Informática 64, a company specialising in computer security and training. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Security and a degree in Computer Engineering from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid as well as a degree in IT Systems Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, which also named him Honorary Ambassador of the University School of Computer Science in 2012.