DIALOGANDO What is “Dialogando”?

The DIALOGANDO project, organised by the General Foundation of the University of Málaga (FGUMA), is a series of free conferences. The conferences begin with the main speaker giving a talk. This is followed by a debate with an expert on the topic and reflections on the concerns raised by an audience, which mainly comprises university students. The format is unconventional in its focus on open dialogue. The expert and the interviewer sit in armchairs, creating a more relaxed and intimate space for the exchange of ideas between speakers and audience members.

Taking part in our cycle so far have been César Bona, candidate for the Global Teacher Prize, often referred to as the Nobel Prize for teachers; Aitor Sánchez, nutritionist, food technologist, and science communicator; Chema Alonso, hacker and Chief Data Officer (CDO) at Telefónica; Marta Flich, economist, actress, and author of the The Huffington Post‘s topical, often humorous, video blog; Manu Sánchez, comedian, presenter, actor, and entrepreneur; Pere Estupinyà, biochemist, writer, and science communicator; Clara Jiménez, journalist and project manager at Maldita.es; and Ousman Umar, President of the NGO Nasco Feeding Minds.