Dialogando con Lorena Torres Ronda

Dialogue on innovation and sport with Lorena Torres

Have you ever had a conversation with an NBA star?

Lorena Torres holds a PhD in Sports Science. She is a researcher with more than 50 indexed articles and a specialist in high performance sports. She currently coordinates the Performance Area of the Men´s Basketball National Team. She previously played in the NBA: was signed by Philadelphia 76ers as a leadership figure, and spent two years with this team. She worked during four years, as Performance Manager with the San Antonio Spurs of Texas – which has five NBA championship rings –   applying sports science to improve the performance of the players.

As an expert in high performance sports through technology, who has worked with such personalities as Ona Carbonell, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Pau Gasol himself, she states: “We must reach the point where technology is neither felt, nor seen, nor noticed, nor annoying.  It´s not worth for the player to have all information about insoles if he doesn´t have the “feeling” of contact with his shoe. There must be a compromise between benefit and cost”.

She was a synchronized swimmer, responsible for the training of Barcelona´s youth teams, professor at the universities of Vic and Lleida and a star in many media: El PaísEl ConfidencialMarcaGigantes del BasketAs… You will be able to chat with her at our next Dialogando

She is the director of Player Performance at You Firts, researcher (with more than 50 publications in indexed journals), editor of the book Essential of Sport Science (Human Kinetics, NSCA) and a specialist in high performance sports.

Date: May, 18th 2023
 Salón de actos de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación (Campus de Teatinos)