On 16 May 2019, our DIALOGUE cycle returned once more with Clara Jiménez, journalist and project manager at Maldita.es, with a “DIALOGUE on Disinformation in Elections”

MALDITA.ES: “We are the ones who reminded Ciudadanos of their promise not to make a deal with either the PP or the PSOE, those who said to the PSOE “no is no” means no without abstentions. We are the ones who opened up the Podemos archive to show everyone that “neither left nor right” is just a strategy. Whenever the Gürtel case is mentioned, we are the ones who remind people how the PP has been trying to cover it up for years.”

Clara Jiménez began her career working for Intereconomía, although she has spent most of her professional life working for la Sexta, first in the news department and later on programmes such as Debate Al Rojo Vivo, laSexta Columna, and laSexta Noche. Between 2013 and 2018, she was on the team of El Objetivo. She is also member of the Advisory Board of the International Fact-Checking Network. In July 2018, she left la Sexta to work on Maldita.es, taking on the role of project manager. She also collaborates on the programmes Julia en la Onda, broadcast by Onda Cero, and RNE’s Gente Despierta.

Maldita.es is a not-for-profit media outlet whose purpose is to provide citizens with “tools so that no one pulls a fast one on you.” Maldita Hemeroteca, Maldito Bulo, Maldita Ciencia, and Maldito Dato are different offshoots of maldita.es which monitor political discourse and information available on social networks, analysing and verifying their content through data-driven journalism techniques.

Its credibility is its greatest asset, and for that reason they have a neutrality policy that all team members must abide by.