DIALOGUE on entrepreneurship: “If starting a business is so great, why don’t YOU do it” with Manu Sánchez

To coincide with its 20th anniversary in 2017, the FGUMA introduced one of its most successful innovations: the Dialogue series. The series continues in 2018 with new guests and more current issues. The first of these events was held on 25 January at the Faculty of Commerce and Management and the Faculty of Social and Labour Studies. The presenter was Manu Sánchez, renowned comedian with a long career as a TV presenter and collaborator on television programmes, among many other activities. Taking advantage of his visit to the Dialogue event, he talked about his own experience in the world of entrepreneurship, laced with his characteristic humour, which was also reflected in the title he chose for this event: “Que emprende tu padre” (If starting a business is so great, why don’t YOU do it).

Manuel Sánchez Vázquez, better known as Manu Sánchez, is a Spanish comedian, actor, and presenter. His first break came when he began working for Andalusian regional television channels. In 2006 and 2007, he presented his first programme, De la Mano de Manu. This was followed by many others before he eventually became well-known nationwide when he started working on both Spanish television and on radio stations. Besides his many other projects, he also stars in two long-running plays.